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April 27 – Honorary membership, St. Pölten/AT

In recognition of his outstanding merits to the digital transformation of archives, Dr Thomas Aigner will be awarded honorary membership of the Austrian Society for Family- and Regional History.

February 28, 18.00 (CET) / 10 a.m. (GMT -8) – Global Archives Panel Session at Roots Tech, Salt Lake Cit

Dr. Thomas Aigner together with colleagues from ICA, Mexico and The Philippines as a panelist at Global Archives Panel Discussion at Roots Tech 2024, SLC/USA.

Watch online or on site.

February 28, 14.00 (CETT) / 6 a.m. (GMT -8) – Virtual session at Roots Tech, Salt Lake City/USA

Matricula – European Church Registers Online

Since the 16th century, parishes of the Roman Catholic Church have kept records of the baptisms, marriages, and deaths of their members. Originally, and most often, these records were kept in the parishes, but in many cases later on they were centralized in the respective diocesan archives. In the last two decades however, the great demand for these records by users in genealogy and other fields of research has become the reason for their digitization. Starting in the Austrian diocese of St. Pölten in 2009, an online platform has evolved into a space where today more than 60 million images from 30 dioceses in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Slovenia are hosted and made freely available to the public: www.matricula-online.eu

The driving force behind the platform is the non-profit organization ICARUS-International Centre for Archival Research, based in Vienna, Austria, which includes nearly 200 archives and research institutions from around the world.

For more information, see: https://4all.icar-us.eu

Watch online or on site.

February 05 – Festive event, Brussels/BE

On that day the European archival world will gather in order to celebrate one of great doyens of European archives. Dr. Thomas Aigner as former president of ICARUS- International Centre for Archival Research will be there, too.

February 01 – Keynote lecture at Vienna Technical University, Vienna/AT

Within the ceremonial opening of the innovative doctoral program „Visual Heritage“, a unique collaboration between the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and the Vienna University of Technology, Dr. Thomas Aigner will give the keynote lecture on „The power of big data of the past – Let´s build a Time Machine“. See for more information.

January 25/26 – Cooperation Meeting, The Hague/NL

As Vice-president of Time Machine Organisation Dr. Thomas Aigner takes part in a cooperation meeting at the Europeana office in The Hague.

January 19 – Experts Roundtable, Vienna/AT

Dr. Thomas Aigner takes part in a roundtable of selcted international experts within the conference ‘The Art Museum in the Digital Age – 2024’, organised jointly by The Belvedere Research Centre and the Institute for Digital Culture (UK).