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The whole picture!

The preservation, maintenance and contemporary utilization of our cultural heritage is multi-layered and complex

Only by bringing together different disciplines can a comprehensive picture of condition and possible measures be obtained – as well as the opportunities that conservation and restoration can offer

In this way, the supposed burden becomes a valuable and unique resource for the future!

The pillars of our work


The actions of each generation must be directed towards ensuring that the heritage retains its uniqueness and is passed on intact to the next.


It is only through the interaction of different disciplines that a complete picture emerges that can form a meaningful basis for dealing with our heritage.

Common good

Cultural heritage enriches people’s lives, and its preservation and utilisation therefore always contributes to the good of society.

Pic by Florian Mair

Who we are

Our company was founded in autumn 2023 and is dedicated to a holistic view on cultural heritage, from restoration and conservation analysis and historical research to questions of digital transformation and the examination of economic feasibility in relation to contemporary use.

It builds on the rich experience of its founders from two decades of relevant work in numerous international and national organisations.

We have a broad overview of current trends, the latest scientific findings and methods, as well as extensive networks of experts around the world that we can bring into the team as required.

See for more information the LinkedIn-Profile of our founder Thomas Aigner

Our services …

Comprehensive provision of knowledge in all areas of cultural heritage through recruitment of suitable experts, either individually or in teams.

Strategic and scientific consulting, focussing on the areas of digital transformation, consveration and restoration, as well as economic use and financing.

Preparation of studies relating to condition survey, measures and utilisation scenarios for movable heritage like archival documents or museum objects as well as immovable heritage like architectural ensembles.

… and much more, just approach us!

Let’s work together!

Contact us:

Fon: +43 660 724 32 74

Email: office@heritage-consulting.eu