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Our satisfied customers are the best proof of the quality of our work. Take a look at some of our successfully completed projects and see our commitment and expertise for yourself.

Some flagship initiatives

A selection of our most successful and innovative projects that impressively demonstrate our expertise and passion.

Time Machine Organisation

The international alliance for cooperation between science, technology and industry in the digital transformation of cultural heritage was founded in 2019, and Dr Thomas Aigner was one of its distinctive founding fathers. With more than 700 member institutions it is one of the largest networks of its kind worldwide.

ICARUS - International Centre of Archival Research

Born out of the Monasterium project, a nucleus of 60 institutions with its founding president Dr. Thomas Aigner started in 2008 to promote international cooperation between archives in Europe and abroad. The ICARUS family has continued to grow and now includes around 200 institutions from all over the world.


Invented and founded in 2009 as an open and freely accessible platform for birth, marriage and death records in Lower Austria, it has grown into one of the largest non-profit resources of its kind, with more than 60 million images from several European countries.


Founded in 2002 as a platform for Lower Austrian parchments from the Middle Ages, it has grown to become the world’s largest resource for medieval charters, currently offering around 800,000 documents from all over the world.

Current project participations

Find out more about the exciting projects we are currently involved, which demonstrate our continuous development and commitment to outstanding results.

Common European Data Space of Cultural Heritage

The common European data space for cultural heritage is a European Union flagship to accelerate the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector. It comprises cutting-edge infrastructure, a vibrant community and a suite of products, frameworks and tools which facilitate the open and trustworthy sharing of heritage data across Europe. It empowers the sector through capacity-building opportunities and supports digital strategies for cultural heritage in Europe.

ARCHE - Alliance for Research on Cultural Heritage in Europe

The project will develop a pan European framework for a holistic approach to cultural heritage research and innovation, by creating the Alliance for Research on Cultural Heritage in Europe (ARCHE), a spearheading coordination network of researchers, innovators, heritage professionals, institutional bodies and citizens. The objective is to engage all cultural heritage actors in Member States / Associated Countries in the co-design of research and innovation strategies and roadmaps that lead to research and innovation initiatives requiring multidisciplinary approaches and skills.

EIT - Culture and Creativity

EIT Culture & Creativity aims to fundamentally change the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) towards new understandings of competitiveness, sustainable economic growth coupled with positive social and environmental impacts.
EIT Culture & Creativity aims to radically transform CCSI value networks and ecosystems to ensure they are at the same time competitive, innovative, financially sustainable, while meeting the ambitious targets of climate neutrality and high standards for social responsibility. This includes providing fair and decent working conditions for creatives and cultural workers, while guaranteeing diversity and inclusion.