A photo of an intricately decorated ancient wall with intricate patterns and calligraphy


Heritage Consulting is about more than just digital innovation - it's about passion for culture and heritage.

Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with a deep appreciation of historical significance, with the aim of preserving cultural identities in a rapidly changing world.

Our founder

Dr. Thomas Aigner is one of the digital pioneers in the European cultural heritage world. In the late 1990s he started his initiatives in the archival sector and developed large digital platforms for archival documents as well as large transdisciplinary international networks such as ICARUS-International Centre for Archival Research and Time Machine Organisation.

During his career he has been involved in numerous international projects under various EU funding programmes. With Time Machine Organisation he is currently involved in some of the most important initiatives in the heritage sector (ARCHE, Data Space, EIT Culture & Creativity, Museums Cloud and 5DCulture). This makes him one of the most well-connected cultural heritage experts in Europe and beyond.

portrait of Dr. Thomas Aigner wearing a blue suit with tie smiling at camera

A photo of the corridor inside an ancient palace in an architectural style

History & Heritage

The company was founded in 2023 with the goal of making our founder's wealth of knowledge and experience of more than three decades in the digital transformation of cultural heritage even more widely available.

Dr. Thomas Aigner has been passionate about historical topics since his early youth. While still at school, he organised his first archive, wrote his first book and designed his first exhibition. This laid the foundations for his later career as an archivist and head of major EU projects.

In more than a hundred academic publications to date, he has dealt with issues relating to the Middle Ages and early modern times as well as the digital transformation of cultural heritage.

However, he is particularly passionate about the former Benedictine monastery of (Klein-) Mariazell in Austria, where his company is also based.