Heritage for all!

The digital transformation is opening up completely new, previously unimagined possibilities for cultural heritage. This applies not only to scientific research and methods of conservation and restoration, but also to utilisation and accessibility for business and society. We have been committed to this for more than 20 years and look forward to working with you to drive this forward.


The Time Machine Organisation was founded in 2019 and comprises a global network of more than 700 cultural heritage, research and industrial organisations. After almost five years, the fundamental strategic direction needs to be refocused and a new operational plan developed on this basis.

The Task Force therefore met in Vienna on 19/20 June to discuss and define the next steps. Dr Thomas Aigner will coordinate and lead the process in consultation with the TMO team.

In recognition of his outstanding merits to the digital transformation of archives, Dr Thomas Aigner will be awarded honorary membership of the Austrian Society for Family- and Regional History.

Dr. Thomas Aigner together with colleagues from ICA, Mexico and The Philippines as a panelist at Global Archives Panel Discussion at Roots Tech 2024, SLC/USA.

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Within the ceremonial opening of the innovative doctoral program „Visual Heritage“, a unique collaboration between the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and the Vienna University of Technology, Dr. Thomas Aigner will give the keynote lecture on „The power of big data of the past – Let´s build a Time Machine“.

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Who We Are

We are passionate about cultural heritage and are thrilled about the amazing opportunities offered by digital transformation!

We love to take a holistic approach to things, but we also love to look at the small details, which can also be quite essential. Our philosophy is based on the principle of transdisciplinary and collaborative cooperation to achieve the best possible result.

The Pillars of our Work

Our services are built on a solid foundation based on three essential principles.


The actions of each generation must be directed towards ensuring that the heritage retains its uniqueness and is passed on intact to the next.


It is only through the interaction of different disciplines that a complete picture emerges that can form a meaningful basis for dealing with our heritage.

Common Good

Cultural heritage enriches people’s lives, and its preservation and utilisation therefore always contributes to the good of society.

Our Services

We live in exciting times, the digital transformation is creating completely new opportunities - let's use them!

  • Comprehensive provision of knowledge in all areas of cultural heritage and in particular its digital transformation through recruitment of suitable experts, either individually or in teams.

  • Strategic and scientific consulting focussing on the areas of digital transformation, consveration and restoration, as well as economic use and financing.

  • Preparation of studies relating to condition survey, measures and utilisation scenarios for movable heritage like archival documents or museum objects as well as immovable heritage like architectural ensembles.

Let’s work together!

We live in exciting times, the digital transformation is creating completely new opportunities - let's use them!

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